B6A Announces The Creation Of Its NBA Jersey Patch Index


Block Six Analytics (B6A) is pleased to announce the creation of the NBA Jersey Patch Index (JPI). The JPI uses B6A’s Media Analysis Platform (MAP) image valuation capabilities within its Social Sentiment Analysis Platform (SAP) to analyze the earned value of posts that feature a team’s jersey patch in pictures or videos for the 2017-18 season on Instagram for the following accounts:

  • ESPN
  • Bleacher Report
  • House of Highlights
  • NBA
  •  SportsCenter
A sample of B6A's Jersey Patch Index (JPI).

A sample of B6A's Jersey Patch Index (JPI).

This includes complete image analysis of every post in these accounts. Image analysis includes the following metrics:

  • Impressions - The number of people that have seen the jersey patch.
  • Centricity - How close the jersey patch is to the four points at the center of the screen where the eye is most likely to see an image when it is visible to viewers.
  • Prevalence - The percentage of the screen containing the jersey patch when it is visible to viewers.
  • Time - The length of time that the jersey patch is visible to viewers. This applies to video posts only.
  • Scale Factor – How good of a fit the jersey patch partnership is for a company based on its specific revenue and marketing goals.


The B6A JPI top five earned value performers year-to-date in the NBA are:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers - $3.76 million
  2. Golden State Warriors - $2.02 million
  3. Boston Celtics - $1.73 million
  4. Los Angeles Lakers - $1.30 million
  5. Philadelphia 76ers – $1.21 million

The primary insight to be gained is the overall value and the number of impressions that many teams are generating on social media through jersey patch posts when taking a holistic view of social media conversation. More specifically, it is necessary to move beyond team and partner owned accounts to understand the total value generated from a partnership. In addition, the values attributable to social media exposure often significantly exceed the value generated by linear television live broadcasts.

One example was the 11/3 Cavaliers vs. Wizards game which had 1,757,000 million viewers on ESPN. For the 5 accounts we tracked, highlights of the game with the jersey patch exposure exceeded 20 million total video views, and averaged 1,576,000 views per video. Three separate videos from the 5 accounts we tracked had viewership higher than the actual telecast on ESPN. The Goodyear logo was on screen for 162 seconds and generated over $367 thousand for Goodyear during this game alone.

“The JPI shows the importance of image analysis in social media,” B6A CEO Adam Grossman said. “Teams and their partners also need to examine the larger social media universe to determine the full value generated by these relationships.”

A good example of the value that has been created via jersey patch sponsorship is seen through the Milwaukee Bucks partnership with Harley Davidson during the 2017-18 season. The NBA’s Instagram account (rather than the Bucks’ Instagram account), generated nearly half of the total value and ranked 4th in the NBA. In addition, Giannis Antetokounmpo has provided $660 thousand (out of a total of $960 thousand) in value making him the 5th highest for players in the NBA. He has also been featured in 125 out of 167 posts about the Bucks/Harley-Davidson (3rd most posts in the NBA).

Antetokounmpo shows the value of star power in generating jersey patch value for teams and partners. Former teammates Lebron James and Kyrie Irving lead the way as the most valuable players for jersey patch partners generating $2.73 million and $1.18 million in value for Goodyear and GE, respectively.

Narratives also can play an important role in generating value for partners. Since his return to Miami on Feb. 9th, Dwayne Wade is 2nd only to James in value across the entire NBA. Miami ranks 4th in total value from since Wade’s return.

Winning is also not a requirement for jersey patch success. The Lakers and Wish rank 4th in overall value, with posts featuring the patch averaging the 2nd highest engagement rate (ratio of engagements to followers). Lonzo Ball ranks 7th across the NBA in patch value, being featured in 81 posts and generating over $638 thousand in value for Wish.

These insights demonstrate the importance of looking at the larger social media conversation and comprehensive image analysis when evaluating jersey patch values. Even when limiting analysis to targeted Instagram accounts, teams are generating significant dollars for their partners. B6A’s SAP can complete valuations in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well as analyze text and image posts in these channels. The value will only continue to grow throughout the season and when more social media accounts are factored into the analysis.

Contact B6A for access to the JPI or for B6A to complete a full, cross-channel analysis for your brand or team.

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