Data-Driven insights that drive strategic decision-making

Determine Cross-Channel ROI | Facilitate Stakeholder Communication | Generate Incremental Revenue Growth

 Aggregate THe Data

B6A’s tools and team evaluate many different types of sponsorship assets and aggregate complex data sets into a single dashboard solution for buyers and sellers of corporate partnerships.

Understands what it means

Fortune 500 companies, large agencies, and leading sports properties use insights from the Partnership Scoreboard that lead directly to millions of dollars of new revenue growth.

Customize to your partnership

Our proprietary Corporate Asset Valuation Model (CAV) is built to examine each company’s unique ROI and ROO goals for specific corporate partnership activations.

DELIVER near Real-Time Results

B6A’s proprietary platforms can programmatically collect and evaluate media and non-media activations using machine learning, industry-leading analytics and API integrations.


B6A has developed industry leading technology and analytics to value sponsorships.


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