Antonio Brown Deemed Player On The Move To Deliver Most Value


This email includes a sample of the Sports Business Daily article published on March 13 by David Broughton featuring Block Six Analytics Revenue Above Replacement NFL player analysis. The full article and all tables can be accessed by clicking on this link

The NFL league year begins today, and Antonio Brown is the most valuable NFL player on the market this offseason, according to an analysis by Block Six Analytics (B6A). The soon-to-be Raiders WR delivered $39.2M in value to the Steelers last season.

Screenshot at Mar 13 13-59-33.png

The model, called Revenue Above Replacement (RAR), determines how much a player impacts a team’s top-line revenue by examining on-field and off-field factors. On-field factors account for how well a player performed and the number of snaps he participated in to determine how much he contributed to his team’s wins. Off-field factors included jersey sales, social media value, and earned media value. RAR looks at the value of on-field and off-field factors for each team.

The study was conducted before the Browns traded for Odell Beckham Jr.