FlyQuest Showcases Partnership Value From Game Broadcasts Using B6A’s Partnership Scoreboard


Did our partnership assets reach the target audience or demographic? What is the broadcast media value of a jersey sponsorship? What is the impact on customer retention and acquisition?

Those were the questions FlyQuest Sports was thinking about as the team headed into the 2018 North American League Championship Series (LCS) for League of Legends (LOL). FlyQuest was looking to quantify and communicate the value the team delivered for two of its top partners. In particular, FlyQuest was looking to show the value of brand exposure during live game broadcasts for two partners with jersey logo placements.

FlyQuest decided to work with Block Six Analytics (B6A) to answer these questions using B6A’s Partnership Scoreboard. B6A’s Partnership Scoreboard is an analytics platform that delivers accurate, understandable, and verifiable insights that clarify partnership ROI and identify impactful investment opportunities for virtually any sponsorship asset. This includes in venue, corporate hospitality, social media, digital media, traditional media, and intellectual property (IP) activations.

The B6A Media Analysis Platform (MAP) focuses on both quantity and quality. In particular, MAP determines how much value is created from a return on investment (ROI) and return on objectives (ROO) perspective. For ROI, B6A determines the expected revenue generated from the partnership. For ROO, we determine how effective a partner was able to achieve its brand and marketing goals from a partnership. We then layer these ROI and ROO metrics across three categories:

  • Initiatives (what is a partner trying to accomplish)

  • Demographics (whom is a partner trying to target)

  • Channels (where is the best place to reach a partner’s target audience).

“B6A’s Media Analysis Platform enabled us to clearly demonstrate the media value and exposure time that our partners were receiving during game broadcasts,” said Scott Pogrow, Head of Sponsorship Sales. “B6A helped FlyQuest show why integrating our partner’s brands into the team’s identity during live game streams, reaching a key audience, generates significant value for our partners.”

"Our vision at FlyQuest is to innovate and invest in resources that drive the esports industry forward," said Ryan Edens, CEO.  "The ability to showcase value to partners through clear and accurate data is an important step in the right direction, and we want to continue to be at the forefront of this approach."

In addition to utilizing MAP to analyze the events B6A displayed the results in our Partnership Scoreboard. Because the Partnership Scoreboard is a cross-channel valuation and machine learning platform, B6A delivered the results in near real-time enabling FlyQuest to communicate partnership value to partners sooner than ever before.

“FlyQuest is clearly a leader in esports,” said Gabe Ottolini, B6A COO. “Seeing how the team applied our product offerings to significant partnerships demonstrates the importance of clearly communicating how sponsorship value is delivered.”

In addition to FlyQuest, B6A works with NFL, NBA, and MLB teams as well as corporate partners including Pepsi, CDW, and Citi. For more information about B6A’s product offerings, contact us at

For FlyQuest partnership opportunities, contact Scott Pogrow at