Stadia Ventures invests in five startups

By Brian Feldt

Sports startup accelerator Stadia Ventures has announced five new portfolio companies.

Each of those companies will receive an investment of between $50,000 and $100,000 in exchange for an undisclosed equity stake.

Stadia, which was founded in mid-2015 by Art Chou and Tim Hayden, has invested about $900,000 in 14 startups to date.

The five new startups receiving investments are:

— Block Six Analytics (Chicago) uses technology and analytics to enable buyers and sellers of sports sponsorships to clearly communicate using data to make better strategic decisions. Led by CEO Adam Grossman.

— GymDandy (Madison, Wisconsin) is creating a marketplace to rent athletic spaces like gyms and fields. Led by co-founders Nicholas Kartos and Joe Fahrenkrug.

— Nix (Boston) is developing a single-use wearable hydration sensor for athletes. Led by CEO Meridith Unger.

— Programax (Holland, Michigan) creates “digital locker rooms” for coaches to develop skill and strength workouts, post calendars, send texts & emails, and share strategies. Led by co-founders Jason Mejeur and Brian Pageau.

— Satisfi (New York City) is an intelligent engagement platform that combines the speed and accuracy of automation and the personality of a live person. Led by CEO Neal Magnus.