B6A CEO To Speak At Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Block Six Analytics (B6A) CEO Adam Grossman will be a speaker at the 2017 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston happening on March 3-4. Adam will be featuring B6A's work with Pepsi and the company's Media Analysis Platform (MAP) during his presentation. 

Detailed below is more information about Adam's "Competitive Advantage" discussion at the conference. In addition to Adam being speaker, multiple members of the B6A team will be at the conference. We look forward to seeing you there!

Competitive Advantage Description:

"The Impact of Deep Learning on Object Identification in Sports Sponsorship - Featuring a Case Study with Pepsi" 

How do you teach a computer to see? While this may seem farfetched to some, computer vision technology enables machines to recognize images, logos, and people in videos or images. We examine how teaching a computer to “see” enabled my company to collect more data more quickly and more accurately than ever before to determine when, where, and how long Pepsi's logo appeared on screen during Dallas Cowboys games this past season.