B6A Announces New Media Analysis Platform, Level 6

Block Six Analytics (B6A) is pleased to announce the release of our Media Analysis Platform (MAP). This system can determine the placement, prominence, and length of time that a logo, person, and/or other object appears on a screen. Combining this technology with B6A’s proprietary Value Above Replacement (VAR) analytics enables sports properties and corporate partners to understand the value of different objects as they appear on screen during games, press conferences or special events. The most common use to date of this platform would be to determine the value of signage as it appears on screen during game broadcasts.

“Our clients are increasingly asking us to collect data that is important to determining the value of corporate partnerships,” CEO Adam Grossman said. “MAP enables B6A to determine the value of objects that appear on screen within a 24-hour time period. This greatly reduces the time required to perform this type of analysis.”

MAP is the latest development from B6A’s Level 6 Innovation Lab. Level 6 is B6A’s hub for developing new service offerings that enable our clients to maximize the performance of their corporate partnerships. B6A recently released the Social Sentiment Analysis Platform, created by Level 6 to provide real-time analysis of social media conversations across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“B6A has been an innovation leader in sports corporate partnerships since our inception,” Grossman said. “Level 6 enables us to provide new tools that enable our clients to generate more revenue, reduce costs, and improve performance.”

To request a demo of MAP, contact B6A at info@blocksixanalytics.com. For more information about Level 6, check out B6A’s website at http://www.blocksixanalytics.com/